About the kangaroo industry

Harvesting kangaroos

Kangaroo is one of the most sustainable, lean and delicious meats that Australia produces. Kangaroo is a 100% natural lean meat that is sustainably and ethically sourced from the open ranges of Australia. Kangaroos are free-ranging animals, the range over extensive pastoral areas of Australia, graze on natural vegetation and are harvested in their own environment. Therefore kangaroo meat is not exposed antibiotics or growth hormones.


Government regulations

The Kangaroo industry is tightly regulated by the Australian Government’s Primary Industries and the Australian Quarantine Inspection Services (AQIS). Audits and inspections are conducted routinely to ensure compliance with the State’s regulations and the Australian Standards. Macro Meats prides itself on being an active and responsible member of the Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia and are leaders in the industry.

For more information about kangaroo management, here are some useful links: