Food Service

After years of research with chefs and food technicians, we’ve identified the variables to ensure the meat you are getting, meets quality expectation and consistency. We have proudly been supplying restaurants and consumers with kangaroo and wild game meat for 30 years, so we understand what matters. We offer a range of products to suit all levels and tastes.




Paroo Premium Kangaroo is sourced only from the finest wild game kangaroos from across four specific regions – Paroo-Darling (Far West NSW), Warrego River (Queensland) and the North Eastern Pastoral District and Central West region on South Australia.

Carefully selected based on seasonal conditions, water and grasses specific to each region, Paroo Premium Kangaroo is Australia’s only premium quality kangaroo meat brand for food service. It is produced by Australia’s leading manufacturer of kangaroo meat, Macro Meats. The Australian company aims to showcase kangaroo meat to chefs and consumers as responsibly sourced, premium quality product for health conscious and flavour-loving consumers.

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Spring Ridge Wild Venison is sustainably and ethically sourced Fallow Deer that are carefully selected from the forest and mountain ranges of Australian including areas in SA and NSW. The Wild Deer roam freely in the natural Australian environment feeding on native vegetation and pastures and natural springs. The deer are wild harvested in their own environment reducing stress on the animal and producing mild, tender and consistent eating quality meat.

Average dressed carcass weight 18-24kg.


Thornwood Wild Pork is sourced from the open rangelands of Australia, particularly around forest and pastoral areas. The wild pigs forage on native vegetation, fruit and a variety of animal material, they are free to roam without confinement and are ethically harvested in their own natural environment. This produces a naturally tender and flavoursome pork free from added chemicals or hormones.

Average dressed carcass weight 20-24kg.

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